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Emad Moradian
Emad Moradian
I'm a
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Dornaz, Mobile App, UI/UX, Video Graphy, Web
  • Requirements:
    UI/UX, Web, Mobile, Brand Identity Multi-Platform, VideoGraphy
  • Client:
    North60Tech, 2019-2020
  • Location:
    Ontario, Canada
This has been one of the biggest impacts we ever had on a product, and it was during the Covid-19 phase.

We took something almost unusable and made it ready in all aspects possible, we pushed our developers (back-end, front-end, mobile) to their maximum capacity, eventually they had to improve their skills to keep up with the evolution of this app.

We made things that none of the stake holders asked us to make, anything that was necessary for us to help people out, we looked not only into UX and UI but the APIs, load times and business logic to bring down our AWS monthly cost.
Responsive Web Design / Development:
Web Development from concept to coding and deployment at that time we haven't had a front-end developer in our Canada team, so I took the matters in hand.
I started by making the content, my approach was Content-First, Mobile-First.

Then I made responsive wire-frames, prototype, a design-system for all 3 websites, all the graphics, animations, Advanced HTML & SASS.
Once the websites were working on all devices in HTML CSS and JS, I deployed them on ReactJS, made JSX out of HTML and used Gatsby on top of it for a better load time and GraphQL for easy updates.
in this process I worked with: -Adobe XD -AfterEffects -Git -AWS -AWS LightSail -ReactJS -Gatsby -GraphQL -HTML -CSS

AdobeXD prototype. Responsive image To --> React Website  
Responsive Animation made out of JavaScript code (Lottie):
Doctor's Experience
Doctor's Experience
Patient's Experience
Patient's Experience
Video for YYZ Airport

In a year of working on this product, we leveraged all the items in a UX team’s toolkit

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